<transcy>Linen taste ☆ Kotohira fired fashionable overalls ♪</transcy>

Linen taste ☆ Kotohira fired fashionable overalls ♪

It's refreshing and sunny today!

When the weather is fine, you will want to dry your futon ♪
While saying that, the morning when I turned to the weight and the number of sheets (laugh)

I washed the sheets for the time being ♪

Alright, I did my best today! !! (Lol)


Today from ICHI Antiquite's

Introducing "Linen Kotohira-cooked overalls".

Linen Kotohira cooked overalls 600931

Moderate firmness and looseness,
High-quality linen fabric for a gentle fit

It is a light overalls.

‥‥‥‥‥‥‥ ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥

[What is Kotohira-fired linen? ]

In Kotohira, Kagawa Prefecture
Skilled craftsmen carefully one by one
A special linen dyed by hand.
A feeling of wrinkles that sways moderately firm and supple,
It is characterized by its good coloring because it is fired in Kotohira.
The natural firmness and wrinkles feel good,
High-quality linen unique to ICHI Antiquite's
The more you wear it, the richer the texture becomes.

You can enjoy a light and gentle touch for many years.


From the front to the hips
With a loose line,

Comfortable and relaxed without feeling cramped.

Adjustable length shoulder belt

Short and refreshing & long loose,

An excellent item that can change the length and silhouette.

With a soft texture and a moderate straight line

Familiar with Ston and the body.

A salopette that is also good at layering,
From a tight cut and sew to a fluffy blouse,

Of course, knits are also neatly styled.

It's cute even if you roll up the hem ♪

You can expect a long leg effect by showing the ankle chiller.

Depending on the coordination
Both cute and cool come true,

It is a recommended salopette for daily use.

[Pumila recommended coordination]

[Coordinated items]

NARU Border long sleeve t-shirt

Overlap with the standard border
Simple relaxing style ..
Boyish but not too kid

This is the strength of ICHI Antiquite's items.

[Coordinated items]

NARU Border long sleeve t-shirt

sabbatum front switching collarless shirt (Rakuten)

If you put on a loose collarless blouse quickly,
For elegant adult casual wear.
Even if you choose a soft and sweet blouse

Well-balanced finish ◎

[Coordinated items]

NARU Tenjiku Crew Neck Cut and Sew

ICHI Antiquite's Tartan Check Dress (Sold Out)

Marie Louise leather shoes

Layer long dresses and long cardigans,

Add a sense of omission.

The total pattern item becomes an accent
For an impressive style.

If you change the pattern, the atmosphere will change dramatically.


With the natural color that is unique to Kotohira burning,

With a natural linen texture,

Suppressed childishness

Elegant adult salopette style.

It grows up every time I wear it
linen Deep taste To

Please enjoy yourself slowly.


♪ Now, take off your outerwear ♪

Let's enjoy spring outfits to the fullest! !!


Thank you for reading to the end ♥
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