<transcy>Taste indigo linen.</transcy>

Taste indigo linen.

Hello everyone.

today From ICHI Antiquite's
[Indigo linen check skirt]


The fluffy flare design

Moderately fluffy and clean and elegant silhouette.

With elastic and string adjustment waist,

You can relax and wear it without feeling cramped.

Indigo check
ICHI Antiquite's Original fabric Is used,
Soft-touch linen and cotton lining

A flared skirt that is gentle and comfortable to wear.


[What is indigo linen? ]

What is "indigo" in modern times?

A blue dye used for the warp threads of denim.

It is a shade closer to the expression of indigo rather than blue.

Because it is an indigo dye, it can be produced.
The deep and beautiful "indigo" fabric is

Japan Blue It is called.

The bright indigo is
Cannot be expressed with other dyes

It has a unique beauty.


The biggest attraction of indigo is "color fading".

Every time I wear it
Take your time slowly

Where the color fades

The more you use it, the more you use it
Shows different facial expressions and shades,
"Pleasure to grow"

You can enjoy.

Used this time

" Indigo linen The point is

With deep indigo shades,
The wrinkles of the expressive linen

Every time I wear it, it becomes familiar to my body,

A place that changes into a piece that is unique to you.

It was different from the usual linen

You can feel the firmness, wrinkles, and color.

Indigo and linen,

You can enjoy aging (aging) to the maximum,

It is a special fabric unique to ICHI Antiquite's.


Check out ICHI Antiquite's.

The combination of total pattern and deep indigo is
Don't insist too much

In a calm and elegant atmosphere.

Even with a simple cut and sew or pullover

The result is a cozy outfit with a strong presence.

Of course you can wear it all season in spring and summer, so
According to the schedule and mood of the day
For both casual and adult outfits

Styling It's a great item.

ICHI Antiquite's Indigo Linen,

Please try it slowly.

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Indigo linen check dress

Thank you for reading to the end ♥
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