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Typewriter season ♪

Hello everyone.

today From ICHI Antiquite's
[Typewriter striped shirt]


Typewriter striped shirt

What is typewriter fabric? ]

Fine and long fiber cotton Woven with high density

The fabric is called a typewriter.

Sturdy and light texture,

It also has heat retention It is a highly functional fabric.

Thin, crisp and refreshing elasticity,
The unique texture that is firm and firm

You can spend comfortably from spring to summer.

Rough and unique atmosphere,
Makes you feel Japanese paper The three-dimensional wrinkle feeling

Unique to typewriter fabrics.

While relaxing
A natural adult style will come true

It is a recommended fabric for spring and summer.


With a fluffy over silhouette
Impressive sense of volume

ICHI Antiquite's Striped shirt.

Drop shoulders with a mellow feel,
For soft sleeves and back
Plenty of gathers

A very feminine item.

With a long hem with a front and back difference
The deep side slits
For a design with a strong presence.

Stripes and gentle colors that are not overstated

Makes your outfit gorgeous.

A typewriter shirt with a light and refreshing feeling

For a rich and elegant style.

With a refreshing texture and light comfort

Indispensable for warm spring and summer.

All season depending on how you use it
It is an excellent item that can be worn around.

A fluffy, natural pants style.

If you put it on a dress or skirt quickly,

For a feminine impression.

Easy to arrange both elegantly and casually
Typewriter shirt,
By all means for spring and summer styling!

Please take advantage of it.


[Coordinated items]

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Thank you for reading to the end ♥
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