<transcy>Wear pastel colors. ICHI Antiquite's Color Linen Shirt</transcy>

Wear pastel colors. ICHI Antiquite's Color Linen Shirt

Hello everyone!

Today is a staple item of ICHI Antiquite's,
Gentle colors and refreshing linen materials are popular
[Color linen gathered shirt]


ICHI Antiquite's Color Linen Shirt

Impression that the soft and loose silhouette is light.
Plenty of gathers

It will give you a feminine atmosphere.

The soft touch of thin linen,
Light and fluffy

It is a piece that you can enjoy relaxing and fashionable.

The gentle colors that are typical of spring

Great success from spring to summer!

Not to mention one piece, jacket, cardigan,
In combination with pullover knit, etc.
It ’s all-season

Happy point ♪

[~ Various facial expressions depending on how you use it ~]

・ Take advantage of the relaxed A-line

Relaxing style with one soft piece.

・ The waist-in adds a refreshing feeling.

・ Produce a feeling of looseness by inserting only in the front.

・ If you open the button and put it on quickly,

Completion of adult simple style.


It's easy to match with pants and skirts,
With various coordination

He / she plays an active part in daily.

There is no doubt that they will be available in different colors

All-purpose and excellent item!

In combination with a linen skirt of the same material

♪ Spring setup style is also recommended ♪

In a natural atmosphere that does not overdo it
Also for leather shoes and sneakers

You can style it fashionably.

ICHI Antiquite's Color Linen Skirt

Every time I wear it
It grows into a soft texture,

Please enjoy the texture of high-quality linen ♪


[Coordinated items]

ICHI Antiquite's Linen Indigo Bleach Shirt

ICHI Antiquite's Linen Kotohira Burning Saruel

Marie Louise leather lace-up shoes

Thank you for reading to the end ♥
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