<transcy>I went to the exhibition ☆ north object ☆ ♪</transcy>

I went to the exhibition ☆ north object ☆ ♪

It's a little chilly today.

Where is that warmth?

Try heat tech in.

Wrap it in a blanket.

Looking back

There is a tank top guy in one hand of ice cream.

Is it everlasting summer? My son.

.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

That's why today's Pumila.

Come on! Cute guy ~! !!

Basket bag ♥

It is indispensable for natural coordination.

The basket bag has a strong image of spring and summer,

They will play an active role in the fall and winter.

Try arranging with a scarf or stole,

Try putting on fluffy fur.

Depending on the arrangement

Can be used fashionably in all seasons ◎

Please try it.


By the way, today

I will give you a glimpse of the state of the exhibition the other day.

Aya-chan & Haru-chan

north object 2021 / SS 》 I went to ♪

‥‥‥‥‥ [north object] ‥‥‥‥‥

Changes as the child grows
Although I was happy and sad about the first event,
Face the important time of raising children,

Moms working hard,

And I want to help my family ...

That is the origin of the North Object.

Take some time to do things in your daily life

Ingenuity to enjoy every day with the family.

Such a rich life
Color with the world view of the brand we propose,

We would like to provide food, clothing and shelter.

That is the "north object".


The destination I arrived at after being shaken by the train
The best view in the clear air.

What a wonderful place!

Apparel, cafe, bakery,
Workshop space etc

There is an office in one building.

If you look around,

The sky that extends forever,
Mountains right in front of you

It is a very peaceful healing spot.

In such a nice place << north object

Of course, the exhibition hall is also wonderful.

It's as if you're in another world

A space with plenty of atmosphere.

The ceiling is so high that you will want to grow taller.

A large window where the warm sunlight gently shines down.

A lot of greens on a gentle wood base.

It feels good I enjoyed the feeling of early summer ♪

Hmmm, a nice scent of wood ♪

Lots of cool cotton and linen items!

You can wear it coolly in early summer.

Ahh. .. .. I'm going to forget that I came for work. .. ..

This term, pedicels and checks,

The soft pastel color caught my eye ♪

Clothes that you can enjoy the seasons carefully.
With a refreshing fresh green

You can spend a pleasant time.

All the items are looking forward to the beginning of summer.

This time I will order 《LILASIC》 is.

Carefully scrutinize. .. .. .. (Work seriously ♪)

Adjacent bakery 《Keitto Leipä》 To ♪
Hmmm, delicious 🤤
Yes Yes,
Pumila physical store

Do you know the signboard event?

that name as well

《🍞 Pumila Bread Day 🍞》

We sell delicious freshly baked bread once a month,

It is a bread event limited to actual stores 🍞

(Currently canceled due to the influence of corona)
The bakery who is indebted to the event,

《Keitto Leipä》 so,

Also serves as a future bread event concept,

I carefully decided the order on the open terrace.

All of them are the best items. .. ..

north object Nice clothes,

I want to deliver it to you soon!

The product will be in stock around the end of April ♪

Please check the store / online shop.

Please look forward to it ~ ♪


New products are in stock at Pumila every day!

Both in-store and online shop

New products are lined up irregularly.

In a short gap time,

Please take a look ♪

◎ I'm doing Instagram ◎

Pumila Instagram [Pumila_pumila]

Pumira real store Instagram [Pumila_real.store]


Thank you for reading to the end ♥

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