<transcy>Pumila's story.</transcy>

Pumila's story.

Hello everyone.

Today we
Introducing [Pumila].

First of all, seriously

What kind of store is Pumila? ]

Pumila is Minato-ku, Osaka

There is a real store in a corner of Yahataya Shopping Street.

ICHI Antiquite's ・ HARVESTY ・ prit
With a focus on
For women in their 30s to 50s and above
Thank you for your patronage

A select shop for natural fashion.

Because it is in the shopping district
While shopping or going out,
For chatting as you pass by
Feel free to be friendly,

everyone Please drop in.

Many people come from afar,
Loose and fashionable time
Loose, chatting time,

You can enjoy it anyway.


Just a moment of busy everyday
Clothes that color your heart and
With casual chatting
You can spend a relaxing and calm time,

Such a place is [Pumila].


[Named Pumila]

Pumila is derived from the plant "Pumila".

Pumila, a plant that goes well with any flower,
Enjoy the green of the season,

It makes other flowers stand out more.

We too

I want to be like Pumila who watches over me every day.

Through fashion
To make your daily life brighter
With the desire to help

I named it [Pumila].


[I want to deliver clothes that make life enjoyable]

Buy clothes, get dressed, etc.

Not only the fun given by the clothes themselves

Dressed up

[Going out, working, doing household chores, resting], etc.

[Clothes that enjoy your life] are gently added to your daily life.

I want to enjoy it because it's my daily life

Cherish every moment, day by day,

Not only the fun given

Enjoy the fun that comes from your own feelings

The feeling

[Enjoy-Enjoy] I put it in the word.

Make your daily life more enjoyable,

I hope I can get such an opportunity.



I tried to talk about my Pumila a little seriously. .. ..

Hmm? Was it long and quick?

Oh, but you're a little worried about Pumila, right?

Then, we will unveil the inside of the Pumila store ~ ♪

Please come along with Pumila for a while (´ ゜ `) ♪

[Pumila is like this]

Not to mention a lot of clothes
Even small items and miscellaneous goods such as bags, shoes and hats

Items that color everyday life are lined up in a row.

From popular natural brands
Up to affordable daily items.

(I also do mail order ♪)

Calm down just by being there

Just looking at it makes it fun

Imagination grows just by looking at it

Such a space.

Talk with customers about fashion
Flowers bloom at a well-end meeting with a neighbor's aunt (laughs)
It's Pumila who enjoys every day too much.

In fact, all the staff are [housewives]!

While discussing various things every day

I'm a super housewife doing my best! !!

Home story, husband story,

Children's stories, travel stories. .. .. Hmm⁉

No no no!

Of course I'm working properly ~! Lol

By the way

The staff also has a motto of "enjoying"

While being supported by warm hearted people

I'm doing my best every day ♪

that? Staff Is it NG today?

(... not like that LOL )

Let's meet at the store ♪

To the Pumila staff who are quite addictive,

Please come and see me ♥
Fashion, coordination,
Just a while ago, casual everyday things,

Let's have fun chatting ♪

I'm waiting! !!

Absolutely come! !! !!


♪ Pumila's fun friends ♪


Thank you for reading to the end ♥
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