<transcy>Pumila Relay ☆ Come, Miyo-chan ♪</transcy>

Pumila Relay ☆ Come, Miyo-chan ♪

It's sunny today 🌞

The blue sky feels good.

New semester from today,

My son, who wore four pieces when it was cold in the morning

On the way home, I went home with one tank top.

My mother's body temperature is too extreme I'm surprised ..

So, it's been a while since I've had a good Pumila relay ♪

By Pumila's happy friends
A pleasant staff introduction relay.

Click here for today!

[☆ Pumila's solid person, Miyo-chan ☆]

Active and active
Capricorn O type, from Kyoto,

《Miyo-chan》 This is the staff torii.

Three children and a dog's mom,
What! !! Cute grandchildren ♪
1st birthday,

It seems that the patsupatsu dress was super lovely ♥

‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ [Tell me ☆ Miyo-chan] ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥

Q. What is your favorite food / drink?
A. Liquor, sashimi, broccoli.
Miyo-chan is in Kujo's izakaya 🍸
I like to hang out ♥

Ah, how did you get home yesterday? (〃 艸 〃) ♪

Q. What are your hobbies and special skills?
A. Drinking and watching movies.
Everyone ◎ Moist drink alone ◎

Where are you going for the second house? The third house is also textured ♪

Q. What is your favorite place?
A. By the wall, my bed.

It's here to calm down ♪ Let's go to the movie in bed!

Q. Tell me about my boom ~
Watch movies on A.Net flix.

If you have this, you don't need anything, you can become a useless person ♪

Q. A glimpse of your dog episode ☆
A. 13 year old and long-lived girl dog 🐶
In human terms, it ’s about the age of a grandma,

Baby face that melts ♥

I'm a sweetheart The home position is on my lap.

It ’s the same when I go to bed,
I've been snoring noisy lately. .. .. Lol

I'm a little short of sleep every day (^^ ゞ

‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥

Miyo-chan's fashion is

It is a unique and beautiful style.

Regardless of brand,

From basic to trend

Favorite items that you feel you like

Coordinates well.

Casual basic

Beautiful, feminine, etc.

Any fashion

Finish in a unique Miyo-chan style.

At that time, according to the trends of that age and yourself,
Regardless of the image

He seems to be enjoying free fashion.

Actually, until now, natural fashion has nothing to do with it.
Since I started working at Pumila

It seems that he has begun to challenge.

It doesn't look good on natural

There were times when I was worried,

[You can style it to suit yourself depending on how you wear it! ]

By trial and error,
Now while incorporating natural fashion

I enjoy daily coordination.


♪ Leave any item to us ♪

A natural fluffy dress
If it's in Miyo's hands

Adult cool, clean and casual.

Exquisite balance and a sense of omission

Rough and clean and elegant style.

How to wear and choose accessories that make the most of your atmosphere, etc.

It's a waza-ari ☆ styling.


08Mab One Piece (will be on sale at a later date)

Minan Polk Leather Sandals (To be on sale at a later date)

By the way, Miyo-chan's recommended brand is


Wallets, bags, miscellaneous goods, etc.

Unique, elegant and fashionable.

It is a very popular brand with outstanding functionality.

Looks, fit, comfort, etc.

Perfect for fashionable adult women.

Miyo likes her wallet and uses it.

Arrange by incorporating various fashions well
Fashionable and unique styling

It is Pikaichi in Pumila.

Of course, everyday coordination

When you want to upgrade your outfit a little, etc.

Pumila's "Miyo-chan" Please feel free to contact us!

You will surely find your own coordination ♪

Click here for Miyo-chan Instagram ♪

Please come and visit us ♪ [Pumila_torii]

‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥ ‥‥

[From Miyo-chan to everyone]

I started working at Pumila
The people I work with

From meeting many customers

More than ever

I like clothes and relationships with people.

Currently, with physical stores and online shops

I work on both sides.

Customers who can meet at the store,
I can't see you
Through online shops and SNS

Customers involved,

Meet a lot of people

It is my driving force now.

Everyone will continue to feel good

So that you can meet wonderful clothes

Happily With a smile I will do my best.

Miyo-chan is full of humor and always bright.

Busy everyday at stores and online shops.

Always active and solid,

He is a superwoman who always accomplishes everything!


It's dangerous when you drink alcohol (〃 艸 〃)

It's really fun ♪

Anyway fun ♪

Memories, fly, fly, lol

Let's go drink!


I sometimes go to physical stores.

To the staff Torii, "Miyo-chan"

Please come and see us ♪

Who's next? ٩ ('' ω'') و


Thank you for reading to the end ♥

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