About shipping and shipping

About shipping and shipping

About shipping fee
Products will be delivered by Yamato Transport.

You can choose from two types of delivery (Takkyubin and Nekoposu).
Please specify your preferred shipping method when ordering.

・ Takkyubin ・ Nekoposu (target products only)

Please order by cash on delivery or credit card payment by 12:00 noon
If it is in stock at the store, it will be shipped the same day.

About Takkyubin
About delivery method
The products you ordered will be shipped by Yamato Transport.
Please note that we cannot accept requests to change the delivery company for your convenience.

about shipping cost
The shipping fee is 700 yen (excluding tax) nationwide for Takkyubin.
In the case of cat POS, it will be 300 yen (excluding tax) nationwide.
Free shipping is available for purchases of 10,000 yen (excluding tax) or more at the product price.

About product delivery date
Customers who do not specify the delivery date and time will be shipped in the shortest possible time.
Please check the detailed image below for a guideline for delivery.
* During the SALE period, if there is a flood of orders, such as after a long vacation, it may take some time before shipping.
* Delivery may be slightly delayed due to delivery conditions and traffic conditions during the busy season, year-end and New Year holidays, and bad weather of the delivery company. Please note.

You can specify the delivery date and time when ordering.
Those who wish to arrive in the shortest time will not be specified.
Even if you request a delivery date and time,
Delays may occur due to road traffic conditions on the day.
Please note.

We cannot accept detailed specifications other than the time zone that can be specified. Basically, the times that can be specified are as follows.

Estimated delivery date
Honshu The next day (Aomori and Akita prefectures in the Tohoku region are the day after next)
Kyushu region The next day (some remote islands are the day after next)
Hokkaido two days later
Okinawa two days later

* Arrival may be delayed from the above scheduled date due to weather and traffic conditions.
In addition, with the cooperation of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. and Yamato Collect Service Co., Ltd., we deliver products safely and reliably to our customers.
The confirmation email issued by this site contains the inquiry slip number for the customer.
You can check the delivery status of your ordered package using the package inquiry system below.

Click here for customers who change the delivery status and delivery date of the ordered product

Click here to search for the nearest Kuroneko Yamato sales office

About redelivery
If the delivered item returns to us due to a long absence, etc.
Please note that it will be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.
If you are absent, the shipping company will leave a notice of your absence.

The luggage storage period will be one week from the date the "Absence Contact Form" was first posted (the "Absence Contact Form" will indicate the storage period).
Please note that the item will be returned if the baggage storage period is exceeded.

Please be sure to receive the item after adjusting the customer's desired delivery date within the redelivery period.
We cannot accept reshipments after cancellation.

If you decline receipt due to customer's convenience, or if you are absent for a long time,
We may not be able to accept orders including usage restrictions and products before shipping, so we may not be able to accept orders.
Please be sure to receive the product.

About bundled shipping By summarizing multiple orders (bundling processing),
You can combine COD fees and shipping charges.
Please note that there are the following conditions to bundle.

・ The payment method is the same. (If you select a different payment method, it cannot be included)
・ For credit card payments, the number of payments will be the same.
・ The orderer information must match. (Please note that an exact match of your address, name, phone number, etc. is required.)

About cat POS
please note
Only products with the description "Nekoposu is possible" on the product page can be used.
Nekoposu cannot be used for products that do not have the above description on the product page.
If there is no description, please do not specify it.

If you wish to have a cat POS with a product not listed,
Please note that it will be automatically shipped by Takkyubin (Kuroneko Yamato).
The shipping fee will be changed to 700 yen (excluding tax).

There are some differences from regular Takkyubin, so
Please read the following and use it after acknowledging it.

There is no delivery compensation for Nekoposu.
In the event of a delivery accident, we will not ship replacement products for any reason (lost, stolen, damaged, etc.).

Please use only customers who can approve.
We will assume that you have acknowledged it when you use it.
At our shop, we recommend shipping by Takkyubin (Kuroneko Yamato), which can be delivered reliably.

What is Nekoposu?
Nekoposu is a service that delivers small, thin products at a lower cost than Takkyubin.
Delivery will be completed by posting to the mailbox, so it will be delivered even if you are absent.

We will deliver it for 300 yen (excluding tax) nationwide.

Nekoposu has the disadvantages that it is cheap but there is no compensation at all, and it is not possible to specify the delivery date and time, which takes time to deliver.
Please be sure to check the following contents before using.

Cat POS home delivery
Days until delivery (approximate) 3-5 days 1-3 days
Shipping Nationwide uniform 300 yen (excluding tax)
(Free for 10,000 yen (excluding tax) or more)
Nationwide uniform 700 yen (excluding tax)
(Free for 10,000 yen (excluding tax) or more)
Request for delivery date and time ×
(Date and time cannot be specified)

(Delivery date and time can be specified)
Delivery method at the time of delivery Post to the mailbox Handing or delivery box
method of payment Payment methods other than cash on delivery Cash on delivery is not available All payment methods are available
Size limit Square A4 x 2.5 cm thick None
wrapping ×
(It will not be done even if wrapping is specified)

(Wrapping compatible products are possible)
Compensation in case of loss ×
(No compensation)

(With compensation)

Precautions when using Nekoposu
Products without the description "Nekoposu is possible" cannot be used.
If a product that does not have "Nekoposu is possible" is included, it will be delivered by Takkyubin even if you request Nekoposu.
We do not confirm or inform you about changes in the shipping method by e-mail.
Please note that we will automatically change to shipping by Takkyubin.

It may not be possible to post.
The envelope will be delivered in A4 size or smaller, but if it cannot be placed in the mailbox, it will be returned.
If you bring it back, you will receive an absentee card and it will be delivered by hand.

There is no compensation.
Delivery will be completed by posting to your home mailbox.
We will not be able to compensate for any baggage that has been delivered for any reason.
Please use only customers who can approve. We will assume that you have agreed when you use Nekoposu.
(You can check the delivery status until delivery from the Internet.)

We will not be able to deliver if there is an error or omission in the address.
We will not be able to deliver if the delivery address is incorrect or if part of the address is omitted.
Example) The name on the nameplate and the destination name are different. The apartment name and room number are missing. For example, "○○ -sama" was omitted.
Please check the shipping address carefully before using.

You cannot specify the delivery date and time.
You cannot specify the delivery date or delivery time.
The date and time specified when ordering is applied only when shipping by Takkyubin.
If you have a designated date and time, please use Takkyubin.

It will be a simple packaging.
Only the product will be enclosed in an envelope and shipped.
It is not protected by air packing.

About bundling <br> If all the bundling items are cat-possible products and fit within the specified size, we will deliver them by cat-poss.
If even one product does not support Nekoposu, it will be automatically delivered by Takkyubin.
We do not confirm or inform you about changes in the shipping method by e-mail.
(In this case, please note that the shipping fee will be 700 yen (tax excluded) if the total product is less than 10,000 yen (tax excluded).)

It cannot be used by cash on delivery.
Since it will be posted to your home mailbox, it cannot be used for cash on delivery.
It can be used only for payments other than cash on delivery.
* If you request cat POS by cash on delivery, we will contact you and suspend shipping, but
If you do not receive a reply after a certain period of time, your order may be cancelled.

Wrapping is not available.
Wrapping is not available as the wrapping may be damaged during delivery.
If you wish to wrap, please use Takkyubin.
We do not confirm or inform you by e-mail etc. about refusal of wrapping and change of shipping method.
If you specify wrapping, we will automatically change to shipping by Takkyubin, so please be forewarned.

Timing of product shipment <br> Unless otherwise specified, we will ship within 3 business days after confirming your order (payment).



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