Store information / concept

Store information / concept

pumila プミラ・ショップコンセプト
Not only the fun given by the clothes themselves, such as buying and wearing clothes,
Put on clothes, "go out, work, do household chores, rest", etc.
We will deliver [clothes that make your life enjoyable].

Let's enjoy it carefully because it is our daily life.
I would like to convey such thoughts through clothes.

* Enjoy ...
It's not the fun given, but the feelings and thoughts of oneself.
It means more positive "enjoyment".
pumila プミラ・ショップコンセプトpumila プミラ・ショップコンセプトpumila プミラ・ショップコンセプト

At Pumila, we are proposing [clothes for "enjoying" casual everyday life, not for special occasions].
I want to enjoy it carefully because it is my daily life.
Not only the fun that is given, day by day, cherishing every moment
The word "enjoy" incorporates the feeling of having fun that comes from one's own feelings.

Wearing the clothes you bought at Pumila,
I hope it will be an opportunity for you to enjoy your daily life more.
Thank you for your pumila.

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1-14-15 Yahataya, Minato-ku, Osaka 552-0014
TEL 06-6571-0057
Business Hours: 10 am-6pm Email inquiries are accepted 24 hours a day.
Regular holiday: Sunday



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